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The Add Heat Podcast

"Add Heat" is the Center for Climate Change & Human Behavior's bi-weekly podcast exploring the relationship between climate change and behavior that affects law enforcement, security, intelligence, and other professionals dealing with business continuity, emergency management, and human resource challenges.  


Several aspects of climate change distort human behavior, but the scientific evidence is strongest in the area of heat. So, as the name implies, our conversations will revolve around the question of what happens to different aspects of behavior when we add heat. For example, what happens when we just add heat to:

  • fear and anxiety?

  • mental illness? 

  • aggression and violence?

  • civil unrest?

  • extremism and terrorism?

  • conflict and war?


We are launching this podcast just as the world has experienced the hottest months ever recorded, possibly the hottest months in the past 125,000 years on Earth. As the planet continues to warm human behavior will be affected in many significant ways that will impact safety and security, work, and health. Each episode will introduce a new dimension of the heat>behavior relationship and hopefully get listeners talking and sharing this important information. Join us for an episode of Add Heat (+Heat) for this unique perspective on climate change!


S1 E1  |  Add Heat Behavioral Health Disorders                              September 11, 2023   

S1 E2  |  Add Heat to Aggression & Violence                                    September 21, 2023         

Listen on Spotify! 

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