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The American Psychological Association's latest "Stress in America" survey has recorded the highest levels of stress in the U.S.

over the past year--people are on edge. 2022 also saw record numbers of mass shooting incidents, and 2023 is off to a rough start, as well.  News reports about aggression and violence can leave many afraid for their families and their own personal safety. With tensions still high related to the pandemic, economic strife, and the current social and political environment, many people are concerned. It is important at times like these that everyone knows how to handle difficult or dangerous encounters to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. 

Individuals and families have very real concerns right now about their physical and emotional safety, and many wonder what they can do to protect themselves and their loved ones. Whether someone is concerned about their own safety or the safety of others who may be the targets of hostility and aggression, there are things that they can do that can make a real difference.

RADAR™ provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember, and easy-to-employ approach to handling hostile encounters safely and effectively. It is a strength-based, empowerment model that is taught in a nonfrightening, non-traumatizing way. RADAR™ provides instruction on how to recognize, avoid, defuse, and redirect anger and aggression. It increases confidence and decreases fear. No special strength, speed, or skill is required to utilize the RADAR™ approach for increasing personal safety and security.

What People Are Saying About RADAR

"I attended the program on a Friday, and on Saturday someone tried to carjack me. I had just left my house and was driving down the street towards a stop sign with a car in front of me. When we arrived at the stop sign there was a young male crossing the street so the car in front of me had to wait for him to clear the crosswalk. At the same time, another young male came from behind a parked truck to my left and grab my door and stuck a gun at me, and said, "Dude give up your car."

Fortunately, I followed the RADAR guidance and left room between the car in front of me, I immediately accelerated around the car in front of me and across the intersection. Fortunately, there was no other traffic or pedestrians and I escaped immediately and safely. THANK YOU!!!


- Derek C., Washington, DC












Even with the best de-escalation tactics, someone might be put in a situation where they may have to protect themselves physically.  With little or no warning an aggressive individual can initiate physical contact and take someone by surprise. In such situations, it is important to be prepared to react quickly.  In addition to possessing a range of verbal skills for defusing hostile encounters, it is important to be skilled in non-violent escape tactics. RADAR™ introduces tactics of prevention; RADAR PLUS™ provides training in techniques of escape and disengagement.

The RADAR PLUS™ program gives participants the options needed to recognize a developing threat of assault, deflect it if possible, and escape if necessary. This is not a fighting or martial arts class.  The RADAR PLUS™ system of assault avoidance and response is designed to be relevant to everyone regardless of size or strength. The program is also designed to be liability-conscious, helping individuals make sound decisions in the face of dangerous situations. The 90-minute RADAR PLUS™ provides instruction and hands-on coaching in:

  • Pre-attack behavioral indicators

  • Supportive stance

  • Escape from:

o    Arm Grabs

o    Neck Grabs

o    Choke Holds/Arm Bars

o    Bear Hugs (Front/Rear)

o    Clothing Grabs

o    Hair Pulls

o    Grabs/Chokes

Learning basic escape and disengagement techniques can help employees avoid violence and feel more confident if they must protect themselves in a threatening situation. Prepare your workforce for the safety and security challenges they face in their professional lives. Learn more about improving employee safety and security through training in the RADAR approach to navigating harassment, intimidation, and escaping hostile encounters. Contact us today for training availability and pricing at +1.973.601.7222 or

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