The Human Element in 

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Behavioral Science Applications LLC (BSA) applies the methods and doctrines of the behavioral sciences to the problems of homeland and private security, business continuity, and emergency management.


The ability to form accurate behavioral assumptions can give an organization's leaders a critical strategic and tactical advantage in managing a variety of operational risks.  An understanding of crisis-related behavior can inform actions that organizations can take in order to more effectively achieve a desired outcome. In other cases, an understanding of human behavior can simply lead to a more complete explanation for why people react in certain ways in disasters, emergencies, and violent incidents. BSA's multi-disciplinary team helps our clients with analyses and insights into human behavior to facilitate effective crisis-related plans, policies, procedures, and exercises.


By applying a multidisciplinary social science approach to understanding the diversity and complexity of human behavior, BSA can help optimize your organization's preparedness, response and recovery capabilities. 

Advisory: If you or your organization are faced with an imminent threat, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. This Website is not a source of legal or clinical advice in handling active threat situations.

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