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Case Consultation
Case Consultation

BSA provides expert evaluation of threatening behaviors and communications from current and former employees, customers, and clients, as well as members of the public, including tenants and neighbors. Our consultants have special expertise in assessing threats of violence, and in particular violence by persons with mental disorders.

BSA provides expert consultation on:


  • Threats by current or former employees

  • Domestic violence crossing into the workplace or campus

  • Inappropriate, bizarre or frightening behavior in the workplace/school

  • Stalking and harassment cases

  • Threatening and inappropriate communications or visits

  • Anonymous communications/Author attribution cases

  • Bomb threats

  • Threats, hoaxes, and actual cases of biological, chemical, or radiological violence

  • Electronic threats, in emails, text messages, and posted to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs


Consultation regarding persons of concern or complex threat scenarios can help decision-makers more effectively gauge risk and formulate effective, defensible mitigation strategies. BSA connects clients with experienced and qualified subject matter experts review cases with management team members. 


The consultation process typically includes an initial intake and screening call, a review of any documents or communications (including voice mail recordings, email, and other electronic communications), and a conference call between a BSA consultant and the client.  While BSA can deploy experts to the client location to provide consultation, conduct interviews, coordinate contacts with mental health or law enforcement personnel, educate employees, participate in high-risk negotiations, discipline, or termination, or work with a violence management team, in the majority of cases, no travel is necessary. Telephonic and web-based meetings provide an economical and effective means of quickly determining the seriousness of the situation and initiating an appropriate organizational response.

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