Program Consultation

BSA program consultation process applies a proprietary workplace violence prevention audit protocol to assist employers and administrators in identifying the strengths and weaknesses in their existing prevention and response strategies. The audit process typically includes a thorough review of several components, including:


  • Existing workplace violence prevention policies, plans and procedures

  • Physical security systems

  • Awareness and education programs

  • Human Resources practices

  • Security and investigative capabilities

  • Crisis communications

  • Integration and interoperability with first responder agencies

The audit process yields an analytic report and actionable recommendations intended to inform future violence prevention efforts. Audits may also incorporate surveys and interviews with samples of the workforce to gauge attitudes and awareness of violence-related issues.

Advisory: If you or your organization are faced with an imminent threat, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. This Website is not a source of legal or clinical advice in handling active threat situations.

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